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Mount KilimanjaroI Mar 6, 2020:

I am so grateful for wantotrip and Makrem for this lifetime experience and with my heart always wish goodness and prosperity for you all and wantotrip.I am a fan and hopefully a forever friend. Thank you!

Fatma Ghariani


Tanzania Safari & Zanzibar May 3, 2020:

Great organization! I enjoyed every moment of the trip. Thank you wantotrip. And, hopefully, we will join you on another experience in a new country.

Marwan Alawam


Philippines Feb 2, 2022:

Everything was so perfect that I cannot name just one thing. I would say I was moved by everything, by the whole experience, the whole trip, the people that we have met, the landscapes, the accommodation, the group members, the evenings.

Hela Zendaoui